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My work Pommes de Claire

Pommes de Claire AW16-17 – Immensely Contained 

“Travel in the immensity  with ones own dimension
Immense is the space in which we can search for ideas and inspirations, Limited is the contents of our knowledge and possibilities; from this train of thought INFINITE/LIMITED Pommes de Claire’s Autumn 16/17 collection takes form.
Using simple instruments such as Elegance and Sophistication, in a mix of femininity, shamelessness, measure and details; each lead the way to folds, crossings, and overlaps for a woman that wants to be seen without resulting vulgar or out of place.
Once again classic and modern lines meet : soft and loose skirts that fold just below the knee or wide  masculine pants matched with sharp cut shirts that cross in front and behind; longuette skirts that look like wraparound skirts aren’t worn alone but over skinny pants  or pencil skirts, bolero jackets that can be worn in two ways, classic or modern of course,  “upside-down” is enough. Unusual suits, elegant coats both long or more athletic with little capes in the back, dresses with precious details and cotton and jersey shirts that turn into blouses and dresses.”

Photo: Anna Breda
Mua: Alessio Giovannelli
Stylist: Chiara Salvioli
Assistants: Ana Cabanov | Maddalena Bottoglia
Text: Chiara Salvioli | Lauro Melotti

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