Clay (Insulae) – Kimolos, Gr

Kimolos is a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea, forming part of the Cyclades archipelago.
The approximate geographical coordinates for Kimolos are:
Latitude: 36.8236° N Longitude: 24.5721° E

The abundant Kimolos clay, characterized by its light shades ranging from white to soft beige, plays a significant role in shaping the island’s unique landscape. Utilized extensively in construction, including roofs and buildings, this clay imparts a distinctive Mediterranean aesthetic to the island. The seamless integration of light-colored clay structures against the backdrop of the island’s azure skies and the Aegean Sea forms a captivating visual contrast. This strategic use of Kimolos clay enhances the island’s timeless charm, resonating with its rich cultural heritage and providing an authentic experience for visitors

Kimolos clay is prized for its chemical composition, rich in aluminum silicate minerals, mainly kaolinite. This composition offers superb plasticity and workability, ideal for crafting pottery and ceramics. Its light color and smooth texture enhance the aesthetic appeal, making it a preferred choice. The low firing temperature adds to its versatility, making it a valuable material for diverse artistic creations and architectural elements, deeply rooted in Kimolos’ cultural heritage.

Clay (Insulae) – Kimolos, Gr

Kimolos, Kyklades, Greece
36°49’52”N  24°35’32”E

Kimolos is a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea, forming part of the Cyclades archipelago.
Situated within the Aegean Sea as part of the Cyclades cluster, Kimolos, a Greek island of captivating beauty, boasts a unique and historically significant clay deposit. This clay, abundant on the island, possesses distinctive properties owing to its rich mineral composition and smooth texture. Renowned for its versatility, Kimolos clay has historically been prized for crafting exceptional pottery, ceramics, and architectural elements like roof tiles and bricks. The island’s longstanding pottery tradition has attracted both artisans and curious tourists, offering a glimpse into the fascinating process of molding this special clay into exquisite handcrafted pieces. Immerse yourself in the allure of Kimolos’ exceptional clay, which adds an intriguing dimension to the island’s cultural and artistic heritage

INSULAE – Observatory on remote Mediterranean islands
photography: Anna Breda

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Annå Breda